Privatization / Partitioning

SBP commercial and selectberlin properties support developers and private initiators in the planning, design and successful performance of construction and partitioning projects. Our own financial involvement and/or that of our project and finance partners are possible.

The following services are provided to our project partners/clients:

Initial real estate assessment

  • Object, market and location analysis
  • Structural health analysis (technical survey)
  • Review of untouched reserves, as well as extension and development options
  • Potential and risk analyses
  • Expert opinions/market value calculation
  • Project financing support and management, presentation of the planned measures

Project tailoring and design

  • Layout (partitioning, optimization, merging)
  • Pricing depending on the location within the building and the attractiveness (noise pollution, floor plan and lighting)
  • Elaboration of a purchase price list
  • Procurement of self-containment certificates
  • Design of building and amenity specifications
  • Agency and input/appointment of a suitable notary's office regarding:
  • Declarations of partition and draft purchase contracts (model purchase contracts)
  • Arrangement/appointment of suitable construction firms/general contractors (contract award process)

Tenant advice / Tenant management

  • Clearance, moving-out agreements with existing tenants
  • Procurement of alternative apartments
  • Tenancy consultancy regarding planned construction measures

Marketing concept development

  • Development of the advertising strategy
  • Project website developed and designed by in-house web designers
  • Mailings and newsletters to listed searchers from our data base
  • Media plan, application in internet portals, Google campaigns, print advertising, construction signs, footbridge banners, etc.
  • Off-market and guerrilla advertising
  • Event conception and planning (cultural and opening events)
  • Shop window promotion in our real estate shop in Bleibtreustrasse

Support for interested parties and arrangement of financing

  • Personal and, if desired, intensive support of interested parties, provided by our trained sales personnel and the back office at selectberlin properties
  • Fittings and floor plan consultancy
  • Arrangement of banks and/or credit institutions
  • Letting service for investors via our letting department
SBP commercial