Location consultancy

In particular with commercial properties, the selection of the location is of existential importance, as location decisions are hardly revisable and usually directly affect the costs, revenues and most of all the sustainability of an investment.

The location analysis included in our service is tailor-made for the needs and requirements of the client and the desired investment type. In detail this means:

  • Computer-assisted analysis of hard and soft location factors in keeping with specified location criteria
  • Identification and evaluation of location alternatives
  • Research and analysis of public planning projects and development planning trends

But also with regard to residential properties, the location selected entails a large number of consequences, amongst them the fact that the future development of a residential environment is directly linked to the individual residents' satisfaction – also and especially in view of the proven connection that an improvement of the residential quality immediately also entails an improvement of the subjectively perceived quality of life.

Our services:

  • Identification of social environmental factors as well as prosperity indicators (e.g. population density, social structure, building land prices),
  • Procurement of information on the natural environment (e.g. immission levels, climate),
  • Research regarding the cultural offers (e.g. accessibility of theatres, cinemas, museums),
  • Research regarding public and care services (e.g. number of doctors, schools, nursery places)


Our location consultancy service ensures professional preparation and support for any location decisions to be made. Our knowledge of the characteristics and likely development of relevant location factors helps to avoid mistakes wherever the selection of a location is concerned.

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